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Car Frame Repair in Ridgeway, VA

Never Take A Frame For Granted

While it's not a part that you see upon first glance, your car’s frame supports and holds together all its parts that you do notice. In addition to ensuring the auto's visual appeal, the frame also provides the foundation for the car’s structural integrity. Therefore, if your transportation has been involved in a collision beyond a minor tap, have the frame inspected for damage. Don't take the "bones'' for granted or ignore problems you suspect exist. Instead, bring your car to your local ASE, and I-Car Gold certified shop, Gunter Automotive Collision Center in Ridgeway, Virginia. We're simple to find at 4760 Greensboro Rd Ridgeway, VA 24148 near the intersection of Highways 220 and 58. For reliable auto frame repair, make an appointment for an in-person assessment and estimate by phone at (276) 956-6152, use our online scheduling feature, or simply stop in for a visit. We're also glad to provide a virtual estimate.