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Auto Glass Repair in Ridgeway, VA

Safe Glass, Safer Travel

It's easy to take your safety for granted when you sit down in the driver's seat behind your vehicle's windshield. After all, this is something most of us do nearly every day. However, if your auto glass is chipped or cracked, you're not as safe as you should be. Damaged glass can impede your light of sight, causing you to miss observing oncoming cars or other dangers. Additionally, if you're involved in an accident, a compromised windshield may lack the structural integrity needed to help protect you. It might more easily break, and it will offer less support to other parts of the vehicle. Even though it's made of glass, the windshield lends shape and support to the areas such as the roof. Before something unexpected happens, take care of your injured windshield at Gunter Automotive Collision Center in Ridgeway, Virginia. You'll find us near the 220/58 interchange at 4760 Greensboro Rd Ridgeway, VA 24148. We're easy to reach by phone at (276) 956-6152, online using our scheduling tool, or by simply walking in. We're glad to give you an estimate either on paper or online. Let us help you make your vision clearer with safe, reliable auto glass repair or replacement.