Is Your Car's Frame Bent?

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Is Your Car’s Frame Bent?

“Bent Out of Shape”

Most people have heard the phrase “bent out of shape.” That often is used figuratively, meaning that someone is not in a good mood or is unhappy about a particular situation. As applied to your vehicle, however, this might be a literal condition affecting your car’s frame and function. If your car has been involved in a collision or you have another reason to suspect underlying damage, bring your vehicle to Gunter Automotive Collision Center in Ridgeway, Virginia, for frame straightening.

Know the Signs of a Skewed Vehicle Frame

Although some forms of cosmetic auto damage are obvious (a dragging bumper, a massive dent, or marred paint, for instance), your vehicle can actually have body issues that aren’t as easily identifiable upon first glance. One example of potentially hidden damage is a bent frame. While this problem isn’t as noticeable as a major cosmetic flaw, there are signs that help you recognize the possibility of a skewed frame and the need for frame straightening. If you begin hearing new sounds such as a squeak or the screech or metal against metal after your car has been in a wreck, you may have frame damage. Also, you may notice that your automobile seems to be going sideways rather than perfectly straight. There may even be evidence of this if you’ve driven in an area where tracks are visible (dirt, mud, snow, wet pavement, etc.) Take a look at your tire tracks; they should be straight. If they look sideways (as if a critter were skittering along sand), you likely have frame damage. There are specific tell-tale places you can look, too. If your doors don’t open and close as they should, the root cause may be the frame, not the doors themselves. This may present itself as a “sticking” door or one that won’t close securely or flush with the body panels. You should look under the hood, as well. If your frame bent in a sudden movement, the motion may have broken bolts or separated the connections between components. If safe to do so, you may also use a light source to check under your car. You may be able to see bent or warped areas in the frame. Finally, be aware of the early warning signs of poor wheel alignment. This can also result from frame damage. Pay attention to your car if it’s pulling to onside as you drive, handling poorly, or veering off course frequently. Also, watch for tires that are wearing more in some spots than in others.

Attitude (and Frame) Restored

If we determine that you indeed have underlying damage, the ASE certified technicians at Gunter Automotive Collision Center can straighten your vehicle’s frame. This restores both the car’s integrity and attitude (drivability and handling). As an I-CAR Gold certified facility, we’re a nationally recognized and trusted collision repair shop. We’re confident in our work, and we want you to be, as well. Therefore, we back our repairs with a lifetime warranty.

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