Car Painting: Beyond the Obvious

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Car Painting: Beyond the Obvious

Hello, Pretty Car!

Whether you’re staring adoringly at your own car or drooling over someone else’s, you know that feeling. You look upon a gorgeous automobile, forget you aren’t talking to a human, and almost audibly utter the words, “Hello, pretty car!” Almost. Then you remember that you’ll look silly speaking to a vehicle. If it’s not your transportation that makes you feel that way, perhaps it’s time to consider painting it. For exceptional car painting services, all you need to say is, “Hello, Gunter Automotive Collision Center.” You’ll find our I-CAR Gold certified facility conveniently located in Ridgeway, Virginia.

Beyond the Obvious

If your vehicle is brown and you decide you want it to be purple, you’re obviously going to need a new coat of paint. Has your auto fallen victim to a serious collision that damaged multiple large surface areas? Clearly, you may be facing repainting. Beyond these obvious indicators, however, how will you know if you’re better off to make localized exterior repairs or paint the entire car? There are actually some signs that can help guide your decision. For example, consider the number and depth of scratches on the surface of your vehicle. A few here or there that aren’t excessively deep are not a problem. We can fairly easily buff those to restore your auto’s pristine appearance. If there are blemishes everywhere and/or if they’re very deep, your car might be a candidate for repainting. Also, if the overall color has faded, you’re likely better off to pursue a complete painting rather than attempting to restore the original appearance. Although periodic waxing as well as reducing exposure to the elements can extend the life of your paint job by preventing fading, it’s unlikely that you can resurrect the original hue once it has lost its beautiful depth. Finally, if the clear finish is peeling away from the base layer of color, you cannot retrieve the paint’s youthful look. Your car will need to be painted.

A Perfect Paint Job

Although some owners fear the prospect of having to paint their vehicles because they’ve heard that aftermarket paint is never as good as factory color, this simply isn’t true if you select Gunter Automotive Collision Center. Not only are all of our staff members skilled craftsmen who are ASE certified, but our painter is exceptional with more than three decades of experience. Regardless of your reason for wanting or needing a new coat of paint, bring your soon-to-be-pretty vehicle to us.

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