Auto Detailing Myths

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Auto Detailing Myths

More Than an Appearance

Although a great appearance is certainly a benefit of auto detailing, periodic cleaning is about more than how your car looks. What’s more, some of the so-called facts that are passed around are not entirely accurate. Gunter Automotive Collision Center in Ridgeway, Virginia, is happy to help you sort through the rumors and determine what is or is not correct about cosmetic car care. Even better, we also offer car detailing services that can both enhance and protect your vehicle.

Often Repeated Myths

While it’s not likely that misinformation about auto body care is intentionally spread, it happens. Some of the detailing “rules” and recommendations that you hear are not best practices for car cleanliness and protection. We’ll help you sort through a few of those untruths that we’ve often heard making the rounds in our community. Let’s start with the obvious–or is it not so obvious? Washing a vehicle and cleaning it are actually two different things. Why? Washing typically refers to quickly removing surface dirt from the exterior. Cleaning involves tackling more problematic spots (remember that tar you ran through in a construction zone?) and working on the interior, too (including food stains, pet hair, etc.). That leads into the next point. Just because an automobile appears shiny upon first glance doesn’t mean that it’s actually clean. It’s particularly important to understand this difference and remove all dirt/debris prior to wax application. Another assumption is that using dish detergent is great because it helps remove grease and grime. Indeed, it does, but it also strips away the strong polymer coating that tops the paint for protection.

Further, some people believe it’s fine to wash a car only when it’s dirty. This practice allows harmful contaminants and dirt particles that can scratch to build up over time. It shortens the life of the wax and then begins working on the paint. Therefore, it’s a good idea to treat car cleaning as a preventive maintenance service. Plan, however, when you wash your automobile. If they’re too strong, wind, sun, and heat can dry soap on the car’s surfaces before they’re rinsed, leaving spots and unwanted residue. Finally, know the truth about wax. First, waxing and polishing are not the same thing, so “buyer beware” of advertised services from unreputable companies. Polishing is an act of making the car shine, whereas waxing is adding a layer of protective coating. No matter what you’re told, the wax on a car that’s driven (i.e., outside of a transportation vault) is not going to last for some magical number of years. The manufacturer and applicator cannot accurately guarantee exactly how long wax will last. That depends upon use and the elements.

Complete Auto Body Care

Now that you better understand the car detailing and can recognize some of the inaccuracies, you can more adequately take care of your vehicle. Quality care protects your investment. Should you need auto body repair and/or auto detailing services, rely on Gunter Automotive Collision Center.

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