Out-of-Town Auto Collisions 101

Steps to Avoid, Steps to Address Nobody wants to be involved in a vehicle collision. When it occurs when you’re out of town, however, it can be especially stressful. Both literally and figuratively, it will wreck your travel plans. At Gunter Automotive Collision Center in Ridgeway, Virginia, we want to help our clients avoid this […]

Auto Detailing Myths

More Than an Appearance Although a great appearance is certainly a benefit of auto detailing, periodic cleaning is about more than how your car looks. What’s more, some of the so-called facts that are passed around are not entirely accurate. Gunter Automotive Collision Center in Ridgeway, Virginia, is happy to help you sort through the […]

Car Painting: Beyond the Obvious

Hello, Pretty Car! Whether you’re staring adoringly at your own car or drooling over someone else’s, you know that feeling. You look upon a gorgeous automobile, forget you aren’t talking to a human, and almost audibly utter the words, “Hello, pretty car!” Almost. Then you remember that you’ll look silly speaking to a vehicle. If […]

Is Your Car’s Frame Bent?

“Bent Out of Shape” Most people have heard the phrase “bent out of shape.” That often is used figuratively, meaning that someone is not in a good mood or is unhappy about a particular situation. As applied to your vehicle, however, this might be a literal condition affecting your car’s frame and function. If your […]